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Part name (DCEC)Part No. (DCEC)Qty.Part name (DCEC)Part No. (DCEC)Qty.Part name (DCEC)Part No. (DCEC)Qty.
Piston39071634 pcBearing, Connecting Rod39011701 setplate, cover39040461 pc
Piston39071584 pcRod, Engine Connecting39425814 pcGasket, Valve Cover39026664 pc
Piston39266314 pcConnection, Tub Oil Drain39741131 pcHead, Gasket39213931 pc
piston, engine39286731 pcConnection, Tub Oil Drain39750611 pcGasket, Int, Manifold Cover39381521 pc
piston, engine39286741 pccrankshaft, engine39290361 pcGasket, Oil Pan3959052
Kit, engine piston38027646 pccrankshaft, engine39056191 pcGasket, Exh Collector39298814 pc
Kit, engine piston38027476 pcGear, Camshaft39012581 pcValve, Exhaust39016074 pc
set, piston ring38027461 pcGear, Crankshaft39290271 pcValve, Intake39011174 pc
Ring, Piston38024214 setGear, Camshaft39012581 pcTappet, Valve39316238 pc
Pin, Piston39017934 pcGear, Camshaft39074311 pcOil Seal, Valve39599128 pc
Pin, Piston39340474 pccrankshaft, assembly39057301 pcCollet Valve390025016 pc
nozzle, piston cooling39301394 pcbearing, crankshaft thrust39062301 pcSeal, Oil Front39007091 pc
bearing, main39290215 pcSupport, Camshaft Thrust39271551 pcSeal, Oil Back39255291 pc
bearing, main39290164 pcBushing, Camshaft39013061 pcCooler, Oil39215581 pc
bearing, main39010906 pcBushing39013061 pcRing, Retaining39017068 pc
bearing, main39011507 pcBushing39414764 pcHousing, Flywheel3975179
Cap, main bearing39009675 pcRod, Push39046798 pcScrew, Hex Flange Head Cap39302498 pc
set, main bearing(0.25)38020711 pcCylinder Head39664481 pcSleeve, salvage39041664 pc
set, main bearing(std)38020701 pcBlock, Cylinder39039201 pcRocker39349204 pc
bearing, crankshaft thrust39277721 pcBlock, Cylinder39287931 pcWater Pump39603421 pc
bearing, connecting rod39011710.25 pcBlock, Cylinder39287871 pcAir Compressor39745481 pc
bearing, connecting rod39011720.5 pcTurbocharger 16035287471 pcStarter Motor Euro II49346221 pc
bearing, connecting rod39011730.75 pcGasket, Turbocharger39013561 pcStarter Motor Euro I49357891 pc
bearing, connecting rod39011741 pcgasket, cover plate39313481 pc

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