HND TBD604BL6 Genuine Marine Engine | Marine Propulsion Diesel Engine

Original from Deutz License Plant, Henan Diesel Engine Plant (HND), Fully Deutz technology & product line for Deutz/MWM marine engine manufacture. Our partnership with HND engine plants and large wholesales benefit us leading supplier of HND TBD604BL6 marine engine , parts, and HND TBD604BL6 marine diesel generator. widely used in military & civilian market, factory star engine..

Bore*Stroke: 170*195, Displacement: 26.58L, 6 Cylinders in Line, 4 Strokes. Simple structure, superior performance, easy maintenance.

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Genuine HND TBD604BL6 | Marine Auxiliary Diesel Engine

GENUINE quality Deutz HND TBD604BL6 Marine Generator and Deutz HND TBD604BL6 parts with Competitive agent wholesale price.

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