Advanced Integrated and Compact design, brings better power-weight ration, less failure and Lower maintainance cost

Euro II Emission Regulation, Wastgraded Holset design Turbo brings excllent torque, Excellent cold starting performance

Cummins B/EQB series Genuine DCEC (Dongfeng Cummins) Vehicle Diesel Engine

Original from Dongfeng Cummins Joint Venture Plant (DCEC), since 1986, with 50% sharehold by Cummins USA, fully Cummins technicals & produt line. Cummins B/EQB Series widely use on Dongfeng Truck, Heavy truck, Bus, Van, Commercial vehicle, and Vechicle power pack.

Engine Bore*Stroke: 102*120, Displacement: 3.9-5.9L, 4-6 Cylinders in Line, Power range: 92 kW to 173 kW @ 2800/2500 rpm

GENUINE quality Cummins B/EQB series Vehicle Diesel Engine and Cummins B/EQB series parts with Competitive agent wholesale price.

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