High Fuel Efficiency, Bosch in-line fuel pump, Durable and Excellent cold starting performance, Euro II Emission Standard.

Advanced Integrated and Compact design with 25% less parts than same class engines, less failture and lower repair cost.

Cummins 6C series Genuine DCEC (Dongfeng Cummins) Vehicle Diesel Engine

Original from Dongfeng Cummins Joint Venture Plant (DCEC), since 1986, with 50% sharehold by Cummins USA, fully Cummins technicals & produt line. Cummins 6C Series widely use on Dongfeng Truck, Heavy truck, Bus, Van, Commercial vehicle, and Vechicle power pack.

Engine Bore*Stroke: 114*135, Displacement: 8.3L, 6 Cylinders in Line, Power range: 162 kW to 239 kW @ 2200 to 2400 rpm

GENUINE quality Cummins 6C series Vehicle Diesel Engine and Cummins 6C series parts with Competitive agent wholesale price.

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