Deutz Engine FL413/FL513 | Huachai Deutz License plant

Original from Deutz License Plant- Huachai Deutz Engine Plant (China Military Manufacturer) or import from Deutz Germany, original genuine Deutz generator engine. Our large wholesale of Deutz generator engine brings competitive agent price for Deutz FL413/FL513. Same for Original Deutz FL413/FL513 generator set.

FL413 Engine Bore*Stroke: 125*120, Displacement: 12.763-19.144L, 8-12 Cylinders V Type, Power range: 117 kW to 194 kW @ 1500-1800 rpm. FL513 Engine Bore*Stroke: 125*130, Displacement: 9.572-19.144L, 6-12 Cylinders V Type, Power range: 103 kW to 272 kW @ 1500-1800 rpm.

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