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Deutz TBD234 Series

Original from Deutz License Plant, Henan Diesel Engine Plant (HND), Fully Deutz technology & product line.Deutz TBD234 widely use on Truck, marine power, Engineering equipment, Construction machinery, water pump and Industrial power pack.

TBD234 - Construction Engine
Engine Specifications

The crankcase is made of special-grade cast iron.


The crankshaft is made of CrMo-steel and is fitted in the crankcase. The counterweights are bolted on the crankshaft.

Cylinder liner

The water-cooled cylinder liner is made of special-grade highly wear-resistant centrifugal cast iron.


The piston is made of a light alloy.

Exhaust gas system

Engine type TBD has uncooled exhaust manifolds. Insulation on request. Engine type D has cooled exhaust manifolds. Upon request: uncooled.

Cylinder head

The cylinder head is made of a special-grade cast iron and has one inlet and one exhaust valve.

Injection pump

The injection pump is of the block-type.


Mechanical speed governor, mounted on the injection pump. Hydraulic or electronic governor on request.

Fuel system

The delivery pump is mounted on the injection pump. Duplex filter.

Lubricating oil system

The engine has a forced oil circulation via an engine-mounted gear pump. In case of a dry sump, a suction pump is mounted additionally. The system is provided with a duplex filter. A lubricating oil cooler is mounted on the engine.

Cooling water system

Indirect cooling system; heat exchanger with thermostat, expansion tank, circulation pump for fresh water, self-priming centrifugal pump for raw water. TBD engine types: the charge air cooler has a separate cooling circuit.


Engine type TBD has water-cooled turbocharger(s) and a charge air cooler.

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