Original Dongfeng Cummins Natural Gas Engine for Vehicle

China Cummins manufacture original B6.7G/L8.9G series natural gas engine(190-320 HP), for Bus/Passenger Vehicles

B6.7G: Max. Torque:860N.m, Clutch torque: 650N.m; L8.9G: Max. Torque:1200N.m, Clutch torque: 730N.m, Euro IV/V

Optimize the design of natural gas engine parts to enhance fuel economy, Compact structure, light weight, easy installation


Cummins natural gas engine B5.9-150G for vehicle

 BGe 150-30

Cummins BGe 150-30 Gas Engine for vehicle


Cummins natural gas engine B5.9-195G for vehicle

BGe 195-31

Cummins BGe195-31 Gas Engine for vehicle

BGe 200-30

Cummins natural gas engine BGe 200-30 for vehicle


Cummins natural gas engine B5.9-230G for vehicle

BGe 230-31

Cummins BGe230-31 Gas Engine for vehicle