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Genuine Cummins/Deutz/Weichai/MWM Engine, Diesel Parts, Diesel Generator and marine power pack supply.


We cooperate with Top agents, we aim at yearly large wholesale and bring the best agent price for clinets.


Fast response and service support. Integrit, Responsible First as our promise, Clinet first, win-win cooperatioin.

Cummins generator engine distributor and Diesel Genset wholesaler, competitive for NTA855/KTA19/KTA38/KTA50/4BT/6BT/6CT/6LTAA.

Cummins marine propulsion and auxiliary engine, NT855/KTA19/KTA38/ KTA50/6BT/6CT…Marine power pack and Mairne Gearbox.

Cummins construction engine for road roller, excavator, crane, bulldozer, loader minner machinery, minng truck, water pump and firfighting pump.

Cummins Vehicle engine from Dongfeng Cummins & Foton Cummins joint venture plant, Cummins B/C/L/QSB/ISDe/ISLe/ISZ/ISM/ISX/QSX/ISF2.8/ISF3.8.

Cummins engine parts distributor & wholesaler, competitive Agent Cummins/Deutz/Weichai engine parts price, Diesel engine parts supply.

Cummins generator, Deutz Generator, MTU Generator, Weichai Generator, Yuchai Generator, Marine Generator, Diesel Generator parts & services.


COOPAL has 8 years Engine power solution services, with Multilingual, well-educated, experienced sales team and Engineer service support for clients.

We have tight partership with Cummins/Deutz/Weichai Agent and Cummins authorized parts plants. Our wholesale bring same competitive agent price.

Shenzhen Asahi Power Technology LTD is our Diesel Generator manufacture      plant with wholesale generator price. Esp for Cummins Generator & engine.

We insist on Integrity with servant leadership & positive impact for clinets. Gennuine quality, Reliable services, win-win cooperation are always our priority.

We pursure dignified business with promise, inner confidence and principles.

Featured products

Coopal supply Genuine Cummins/Deutz/Weichai/Yuchai Diesel Engine, parts and Diesel Generator, original from Dongfeng Cummins  DCEC,  Chongqing Cummins CCEC, Foton Cummins, Xi’an Cummins and Cummins USA. Such as Cummins 4B3.9, 6B5.9, 6C8.3, 6L8.9, QSB4.5, QSB6.7, ISDe, ISLe, ISZ13, ISM, QSL, ISX, M11/QSM11, NTA855, KTA19/QSK19, KTA38, KTA50/QSK50..

Deutz License Plants: FL413/FL513, BFM1015, BFM2012, BFM1013, TCD2015, FL912/FL913, TBD234, TBD620, TBD64L, TD226B

Engines and parts widely used on Dongfeng Cummins Truck, Foton Cummins Truck, Komastu Cummins excavator, Epiroc minning Truck, XCGM Cummins crane, Liugong Cummins Bollzoder, Sany loader, Marine power pack, Firfighting pump, Diesel Generator, Hydraulic pump.

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