Cummins 6C & L8.9 Engine Parts

Cummins Part namePart No.UnitCummins Part namePart No.Unit
Piston 2303925537pcAir Compressor C24034153531 pc
Piston 2403919565pcAir Compressor C24034154751 pc
Piston 245/2603925878pcTube, Air Compressor Water Intake3970801pc
Piston 280/3003917707pcTube, Air Compressor Water Outlet3970803pc
Piston L5.9/ISLe49879146 pcTube, Air Compressor Water Intake39764391 pc
Ring, Piston38024296 setTube, Air Compressor Water Outlet39764401 pc
Bearing, Main39459171 setGear, Air Compressor34156071 pc
Rod, Engine Connecting39013836 pcThermostat3940362/39685591 pc
Bearing, Con Rod39506611 setSensor Speed39672521 pc
Bearing, Con Rod3931623pcSupport Fan34156031 pc
Bearing, Con Rod396596612 pcPulley Fan39268551 pc
Bushing, Camshaft39431997 pcGear, Fuel Pump39313801 pc
Camshaft3923478pcOil Transfer Pump34156611 pc
Camshaft39766201 pcSeal, Oil39685621 pc
Valve, Intake3924492pcSeal, Oil39685631 pc
Valve, Exhaust3921444pcCooler, Oil3974815pc
Valve, Intake394258812 pcCooler, Oil39663651 pc
Valve, Exhaust394258912 pcLub Oil Pump39668401 pc
Head, Gasket3931019pcLub Oil Pump3991123/49414641 pc
Head, Gasket39670591 pcLub Oil Pump C2403415365pc
Crankshaft3917320pcSeal, Oil(HUA LING)38836201 pc
Crankshaft39650101 pcManifold, fuel3922667pc
Gear, Crankshaft39187761 pcSolenoid, Fuel Pump39776201 pc
Liner, Cylinder39480956 pcTurbocharger C24040290181 pc
Gasket, Gear Housing39442931 pcTurbocharger L8.940510331 pc
Gear, Cover39380861 pcTurbocharger C30040502071 pc
Cover, Gear39438131 pcEngine Damper Vibration39255671 pc
Air Compressor39708051 pcEngine Damper Vibration39670141 pc

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