Cummins ISME345-30 Engine Parts

Cummins part namePart No.QTYCummins part namePart No.QTY
Main Bearing30167707Oil Piston Ring31023671
Main Bearing30167807Oil Piston Ring Ring31023671
Thrust Bearing49260172Rectangular Ring Seal3047188
Thrust Bearing49260182Retainer Plug of Lube Oil Pump38957181
Cylinder Liner Kit38037036Mounting Spacer of Lube Oil Pump38954392
Cylinder Liner30807601Lubricating Oil Pump40039501
Cylinder Head28640241Gear&Shaft of Lube Oil Pump40039611
Cylinder Kit40249406Lubricating Oil Pump Body40605791
Cylinder Liner30807601Plan Washer of Lube Oil Pump2035181
Crankshaft30737071Pipe Plug of Cylinder Head300846516
Crankshaft Gear30844451Expansion Plug of Cylinder Head38954792
Camshaft Gear34014391Sealing Washer of Cylinder Head33283287
Camshaft40228161Compression Spring30101461
Camshaft Thrust Support38963351Pressure Regulator Plunger30689791
Connecting Rod38994506Viscosity Sensor30697281
Connecting Rod38969701Alternator Pulley30462041
Connecting Rod Cap Screw30271082V Ribbed Belt30285211
Connecting Rod Bearing301676012Lock Nut708971
Connecting Rod Bearing301676112Rectangular Ring Seal30471881
Connecting Rod Bearing301676212Expansion Plug30076322
Connecting Rod Bearing301676312Expansion Plug2067418
Connecting Rod Bearing301676412Expansion Plug30076356
Bushing38968941O Ring Seal30350266
Plain Washer693244Injector40618516
Plain Washer30412471Injector Sleeve34177176
Plain Washer38955172Valve Insert309070424
Cylinder Tla Head28640281Valve Stem Guide492347124
Cylinder Head Gasket40225001Valve Spring389586024
Air Compressor31043241Intake Valve of Cylinder Head492606912
Air Compressor Gasket49526251Valve Collet of Cylinder Head327535424
Thermostat49733731Exhaust Valve341777912
Thermostat Seal33355481Valve Collet of Cylinder Head327535424
Thermostat33355491Valve Spring Retainer310415124
Engine Tla Piston40225331Valve Spring Guide3070072
Piston Pin40832441Valve Stem  Seal400396624
Piston Skirt Kit38039541Valve Stem Guide3417558a/r
Piston Top40225321Valve Insert of Cylinder Head3418044a/r
Piston Skirt40706531Valve Insert of Cylinder Head3418045a/r
Piston Pin40832441Valve Insert of Cylinder Head3418046a/r
Retaining Ring,30166522Valve Insert of Cylinder Head3418047a/r
Retaining Ring30166522Water Tla Pump49728531
Piston Ring Set38039776Accessory Drive Pulley38833241
Compression Piston Ring38937521Hexagon Head Cap Screw30186711
Compression Piston Ring38994131Hexagon Head Cap Screw40228221
Compression Piston Ring38994131Hex Flange Head Cap Screw492318729
Compression Piston Ring38937521Hex Flange Head Cap Screw40229073
O Ring Seal30332471Hex Flange Head Cap Screw33286375
O Ring Seal30332481Hex Flange Head Cap Screw33283792
Flywheel32525491Hex Flange Head Cap Screw38954382
Flywheel32525481Hex Flange Head Cap Screw38954401
Flywheel Ring Gear48511Hex Flange Head Cap Screw40710438
Lub Oil Pump Cover40039581Captive Washer Cap Screw30124814
Turbocharger40460261Socket Head Cap Screw30235254
Starting Motor49854411Captive Washer Cap Screw38220672
Starting MotorST2S35Seal R&I Tool31635651
Starting Motor28712571Ring Dowel30271062
Plain Woodruff Key30099531Spline Coupling Sleeve1993581

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