Cummins NTA855 Engine Parts | CCEC Parts Agent Wholesale

No.Cummins Part namePart No.Qty.OriginalNo.Cummins Part namePart No.Qty.Original
1Piston30173486 pcCCEC48Kit, Oil Cooler Seal38011991 setCCEC
2Piston/Marine30173496 pcCCEC49Gasket Pan, Oil30328611 pcCCEC
3Piston/G430488086 pcCCEC50Lub Oil PumpAR101721 pcCCEC
4Ring, Piston38034716 setCCEC51Lub Oil Pump38215791 pcCCEC
5Pin, Piston1919706 pcCCEC52Lub Oil PumpAR98351 pcCCEC
6Ping, Retaining17575512 pcCCEC53Hose Flexible36551121 pcCCEC
7Nozzle, Piston Cooling30135916 pcCCEC54Hose FlexibleAS200311 pcCCEC
8Bearing Main38012601 setCCEC55Water Pump30224741 pcCCEC
9Bearing, Con Rod2149501 setCCEC56Water Pump38017081 pcCCEC
10Liner, Cylinder30550996 pcCCEC57Kit, Water Pump Repair(Major)38017121 setCCEC
11Seal, Liner CylinderAR514776 setCCEC58Tensioner, BeltAR451891 setCCEC
12Cylinder Head34185293 pcCCEC59Belt, V Ribbed2176381 pcCCEC
13Head, Cylinder30077163 pcCCEC60Thermostat30764891 pcCCEC
14Screw, Cylinder Head Cap30136233 pcCCEC61Seal, Thermostat1867801 pcCCEC
15Cylinder Head/Circle34186783 pcCCEC62Core, Aftercooler30289971 pcCCEC
16Camshaft30425681 pcCCEC63Core, Aftercooler30289971 pcCCEC
17Camshaft30255171 pcCCEC64Hose, Intake2029941 pcCCEC
18Camshaft30255181 pcCCEC65Clamp, T Bolt2083262 pcCCEC
19Support, Camshaft Thrust30675684 pcCCEC66Gasket, Intake Manifold30085913 pcCCEC
20Rod, Engine Connecting34185006 pcCCEC67Cover, Turbo Casing30021381 pcCCEC
21Bolt, Connecting Rod21915312 pcCCEC68Exhaust, Manifold34191301 pcCCEC
22Bushing1874206 pcCCEC69Gasket, Exh Collector1422346 pcCCEC
23Support2152331 pcCCEC70Screw, Exh Collector13789012 pcCCEC
24Seal, Oil2112531 pcCCEC71Turbocharger35290321 pcHOLSET
25Seal, Oil30201861 pcCCEC72Turbocharger35290401 pcHOLSET
26Seal, Oil30201851 pcCCEC73Turbocharger NTA855-M35290401HOLSET
27Collet, Valve12755448 pcCCEC74Turbocharger NTA855-M35290321HOLSET
28Valve, Intake13595712 pcCCEC75Turbocharger C29038019681HOLSET
29Valve, Exhaust14570112 pcCCEC76Injector30542186 pcCCEC
30Valve, Exhaust304083012 pcCCEC77Injector30542206 pcCCEC
31Guide, Valve Spring17029624 pcCCEC78Injector30542166 pcCCEC
32Guide, Valve Spring304274524 pcCCEC79Injector30542336 pcCCEC
33Guide, Valve Crosshead12355812 pcCCEC80Injector30479766CCEC
34Exhaust, Valve12793012 pcCCEC81Injector30479736CCEC
35Insert, Valve20035412 pcCCEC82Injector30542286CCEC
36Guide, Valve Stem300645624 pcCCEC83Sleeve, Injector30119343 pcCCEC
37Crosshead, Valve302829312 pcCCEC84Barrel & Plunger30479636CCEC
38Crosshead, Valve302829312 pcCCEC85Barrel & Plunger30479646CCEC
39Valve, Bypass30235121 pcCCEC86STC Injector30714976 pcCCEC
40Connection, Fuel Cross cover1471002 pcCCEC87Sea Water Pump36558571 pcCCEC
41Rod, Push304642012 pcCCEC88Belt, V1786911 pcCCEC
42Rod, Push30464306 pcCCEC89Starter Motor30210361 pcCCEC
43Screw, Slotted Set16830618 pcCCEC90Alternator30003471 pcCCEC
44Nut, Regular HexagonS21218 pcCCEC91Alternator40787011 pcCCEC
45Gasket, Rocket Lever Cover30674593 pcCCEC92Set, Upper Engine Gasket38013301CCEC
46Gasket, RKR Lever Housing30177503 pcCCEC93Set, Down Engine Gasket38014681CCEC
47Code, Cooler34122851 pcCCEC94STC Set, Upper Engine Gasket38017541CCEC

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