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Cummins Valve

Part CategoryCummins Valve
Engine Model4BT3.9, 6BT5.9, 6CT8.3, 6LT8.9, ISDE, ISBE, ISLE, ISF, M Series, K Series, N Series, QSK, QSM

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Cummins Valve: Genuine Cummins & Available stock

Cummins Valve Quality option: Genuine Cummins, OEM Cummins

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Cummins Valve Parts List

Part NamePart No.Part NamePart No.
Cummins Collet,Valve4976169FCummins Inlet Valve Assy3803518-10
Cummins Collet,Valve5262617FCummins Insert,ValveC3940152
Cummins Collet,Valve3940123FCummins Insert,Valve5262173F
Cummins Cover,Valve4946240FCummins Insert,Valve5262813F
Cummins Cover,Valve5261019FCummins Insert,Valve3943449F
Cummins Cover,Valve4942346FCummins Insert,Valve3943450F
Cummins Cover,Valve5261020FCummins Intake ValveA3901117
Cummins Crosshead, Valve4061141-20Cummins Intake ValveC3970727
Cummins Engine Valve69032Cummins Intake ValveC4995554
Cummins Engine Valve70671Cummins Intake ValveD3942588
Cummins Engine Valve100687Cummins Intake Valve5307875
Cummins Engine Valve113447Cummins Intake Valve SpringC3926700
Cummins Engine Valve123542Cummins Intake Valve SpringC3991085
Cummins Engine Valve123659Cummins Rocker Cover4924208-20
Cummins Engine Valve135957Cummins Seal,Rocker Lever Cover5255312F
Cummins Engine Valve138886Cummins Spring,Valve4976980F
Cummins Engine Valve138887Cummins Spring,Valve4936080F
Cummins Engine Valve144910Cummins Tappet,Valve3947759F
Cummins Engine Valve144911Cummins Valve3226068
Cummins Engine Valve145701Cummins Valve3275355
Cummins Engine Valve166774Cummins Valve3406657
Cummins Engine Valve207241Cummins Valve3406659
Cummins Engine Valve216707Cummins Valve3417779
Cummins Engine Valve218847Cummins Valve3802356
Cummins Engine Valve3000926Cummins Valve3803360
Cummins Engine Valve3007225Cummins Valve3803512
Cummins Engine Valve3024333Cummins Valve3803515
Cummins Engine Valve3024395Cummins Valve3803518
Cummins Engine Valve3029333Cummins Valve3803519
Cummins Engine Valve3033234Cummins Valve3803524
Cummins Engine Valve3033235Cummins Valve3803528
Cummins Engine Valve3034827Cummins Valve3803529
Cummins Engine Valve3035110Cummins Valve3803726
Cummins Engine Valve3040830Cummins Valve3803770
Cummins Engine Valve3052820Cummins Valve3803854
Cummins Engine Valve3068519Cummins Valve3818520
Cummins Engine Valve3068828Cummins Valve3883287
Cummins Engine Valve3069672Cummins Valve3884005
Cummins Engine Valve3070159Cummins Valve3895110
Cummins Engine Valve3070473Cummins Valve3895477
Cummins Engine Valve3078399Cummins Valve3895478
Cummins Engine Valve3080975Cummins Valve3901177
Cummins Engine Valve3080976Cummins Valve3902253
Cummins Engine Valve3083991Cummins Valve3902254
Cummins Engine Valve3084045Cummins Valve3915506
Cummins Engine Valve3084980Cummins Valve3920867
Cummins Engine Valve3086436Cummins Valve3920868
Cummins Engine Valve3088389Cummins Valve3924492
Cummins Engine Valve3088391Cummins Valve3925175
Cummins Engine Valve3088393Cummins Valve10212373
Cummins Engine Valve3166410Cummins Valve80610017
Cummins Engine Valve3226064Cummins Valve90210008
Cummins Exhaust Valve145701-20Cummins Valve90210013
Cummins Exhaust Valve3035110-20Cummins Valve3800891(KIT)
Cummins Exhaust Valve3088389-20Cummins Valve3801356(KIT)
Cummins Exhaust Valve Assy3803519-10Cummins Valve3801357(KIT)
Cummins Exhaust Valve Assy3803528-10Cummins Valve3802005(KIT)
Cummins Exhaust Valve Assy3803529-10Cummins Valve3802006(KIT)
Cummins Exhaust ValvesA3901607Cummins Valve3802083(KIT)
Cummins Exhaust ValvesC3969637Cummins Valve3802085(KIT)
Cummins Exhaust ValvesC4994143Cummins Valve3802275(KIT)
Cummins Exhaust ValvesD3921444Cummins Valve3802355(KIT)
Cummins Exhaust ValvesD3942589Cummins Valve3802481(KIT)
Cummins Exhaust Valves SpringC3916691Cummins Valve3803310(KIT)
Cummins Exhaust Valves Spring ASSYC3916588Cummins Valve3803348(KIT)
Cummins Gasket,Valve Cover4946239FCummins Valve3803730(KIT)
Cummins Guide, Valve Spring170296-20Cummins Valve3803854(KIT)
Cummins Guide, Valve Spring205094-20Cummins Valve3803995(KIT)
Cummins Guide, Valve Spring3001663-20Cummins Valve3804555(KIT)
Cummins Guide, Valve Spring3036966-20Cummins ValveC42336
Cummins Guide, Valve Spring3042745-20Cummins Valve guide3006456-20
Cummins Guide, Valve Spring3047395-20Cummins Valve guide3202210-20
Cummins Guide, Valve Spring4913845-20Cummins Valve Seat127930-20
Cummins Guide, Valve Spring4914096-20Cummins Valve Seat200354-20
Cummins Inlet Valve135957-20Cummins Valve Seat3017759-20
Cummins Inlet Valve207241-20Cummins Valve Seat3086192-20
Cummins Inlet Valve3052820-20Cummins Valve Seat3086193-20
Cummins Inlet Valve Assy2881836-10Cummins Valve,AIR Control4994707F
Cummins Inlet Valve Assy3803512-10Cummins Valve,Exhaust5256949F
Cummins Inlet Valve Assy3803515-10Cummins Valve,Intake5261320F

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