Cummins Oil Dipstick | Genuine Cummins Engine Oil Dipstick
Cummins Oil Dipstick | Genuine Cummins Engine Oil Dipstick

Genuine Cummins quality with official Cummins packing box & available stock.

Cummins Oil Dipstick

Part CategoryCummins Oil Dipstick
Engine Model4BT3.9, 6BT5.9, 6CT8.3, 6LT8.9, ISDE, ISBE, ISLE, ISF, M Series, K Series, N Series, QSK, QSM

More info of Cummins Engine Oil Dipstick, please contact us with part No. or part name plus Engine serial No.


Cummins Oil Dipstick: Genuine Cummins & Available stock

Cummins Oil Dipstick Quality option: Genuine Cummins, OEM Cummins

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Cummins Oil Dipstick Parts List

Part No.Part NamePart No.Part NamePart No.Part Name
4914079-20Cummins Oil Dipstick5270761FDIPSTICK3328830-20Oil Dipstick
4914882-20Cummins Oil Dipstick4982795FDIPSTICK3328832-20Oil Dipstick
3655895-20Cummins Oil Dipstick5288830FDIPSTICK3328846-20Oil Dipstick
3892143-20Cummins Oil Dipstick5254802FDIPSTICK3328847-20Oil Dipstick
4913687-20Cummins Oil Dipstick5265133FDIPSTICK3328848-20Oil Dipstick
101814-20Cummins Oil gauge tube5265138FDIPSTICK3328855-20Oil Dipstick
108012-20Cummins Oil gauge tube3030207-20Dipstick retainer4061172-20Oil Dipstick Assy
159551-20Cummins Oil gauge tube3250939-20Oil Dipstick&Bracket Assy4061111-20Oil Dipstick Assy
165658-20Cummins Oil gauge tube3287099Oil Dipstick4061112-20Oil Dipstick Assy
3042054-20Cummins Oil gauge tube3287393Oil Dipstick4913925-20Oil Dipstick Bracket
186909-20Cummins Oil gauge tube3975551Oil DipstickC3287563Oil gauge tube
3895763-20Cummins Oil gauge tube3976999Oil DipstickC3905799Oil gauge tube
4061104-20Cummins Oil gauge tube3939181Oil DipstickC3905802Oil gauge tube
3892078-20Cummins Oil gauge tube3944251Oil DipstickC3920720Oil gauge tube
4914189-20Cummins Oil gauge tube3945613Oil DipstickC3960880Oil gauge tube
3064810-20Cummins Oil gauge tube3969054Oil DipstickC3968986Oil gauge tube
3065689-20Cummins Oil gauge tube3969998Oil DipstickC3968988Oil gauge tube
4913688-20Cummins Oil gauge tube3969999Oil DipstickC3968991Oil gauge tube
A3908314Cummins DipstickC3062329Oil DipstickC3969015Oil gauge tube
4945802Cummins DipstickC5267221Oil DipstickC3279104Oil gauge tube
4947030Cummins DipstickC5267677Oil DipstickC3279239Oil gauge tube
4943534Cummins DipstickC5270437Oil DipstickC3285703Oil gauge tube
4892062Cummins DipstickC3287099Oil DipstickC3285707Oil gauge tube
4929315Cummins DipstickC3287393Oil DipstickC3968986Oil gauge tube
4932924Cummins DipstickC3906757Oil DipstickC4940115Oil gauge tube
4932931Cummins DipstickC3907679Oil DipstickA3960880Oil gauge tube
4989263Cummins DipstickC3907680Oil DipstickC4990458Oil gauge tube
C4942058Cummins DipstickC3907681Oil DipstickC4937483Oil gauge tube
C3907681Cummins DipstickC3907711Oil DipstickC4940115Oil gauge tube
C3933364Cummins DipstickC3907712Oil DipstickC4941221Oil gauge tube
C3907712Cummins DipstickC3908772Oil DipstickC4941540Oil gauge tube
C4943937Cummins DipstickC3915026Oil DipstickC5264352Oil gauge tube
C4948450Cummins DipstickC3915027Oil Dipstick3979067Oil gauge tube
C4959896Cummins DipstickC3919386Oil Dipstick4890146Oil gauge tube
C4980809Cummins DipstickC3933364Oil Dipstick4948168Oil gauge tube
C4981957Cummins DipstickC3937417Oil Dipstick3973323Oil gauge tube
C4988209Cummins DipstickC3944251Oil Dipstick3958536Oil gauge tube
C4989589Cummins DipstickC3945613Oil Dipstick3968991Oil gauge tube
C4990456Cummins DipstickC3945806Oil Dipstick3943346Oil gauge tube
C4990574Cummins DipstickC4063405Oil Dipstick3287563Oil gauge tube
C4991295Cummins DipstickC4935083Oil Dipstick3924347Oil gauge tube
C4994561Cummins DipstickC4935192Oil Dipstick4942057Oil gauge tube
C5254556Cummins DipstickC4937482Oil Dipstick4943535Oil gauge tube
C5260072Cummins DipstickC4941220Oil DipstickC5270438Oil gauge tube
199161-20Cummins DipstickC4941539Oil Dipstick3655209-20Oil gauge tube
216476-20Cummins DipstickC5272972Oil Dipstick3655211-20Oil gauge tube
216484-20Cummins DipstickD2874009Oil Dipstick3655261-20Oil gauge tube
3001047-20Cummins DipstickD3939181Oil Dipstick3202272-20Oil gauge tube
3001052-20Cummins DipstickD3976999Oil Dipstick3655171-20Oil gauge tube
3009777-20Cummins DipstickD5258891Oil Dipstick4061114-20Oil gauge tube Assy
3039438-20Cummins Dipstick3086343-20Oil Dipstick4061115-20Oil gauge tube Assy
3041110-20Cummins Dipstick3165610-20Oil Dipstick4951382-20Oil gauge tube Assy
3041116-20Cummins Dipstick3165745-20Oil Dipstick4061173-20Oil gauge tube Assy
3041136-20Cummins Dipstick3178857-20Oil Dipstick4913960-20Oil gauge tube Assy
3041154-20Cummins Dipstick3178858-20Oil Dipstick3000508-20Oil gauge tube Assy
3041182-20Cummins Dipstick3178863-20Oil DipstickC4988379Oil gauge tube brace
3062894-20Cummins Dipstick3202133-20Oil DipstickA3960055Oil gauge tube brace
5265097FDAMPER3655173-20Oil Dipstick213057-20Oil gauge tube brace
5258896FDIPSTICK3077112-20Oil Dipstick171868-20Oil gauge tube brace
5258900FDIPSTICK3251851-20Oil Dipstick3419129-20Oil gauge tube brace
5265022FDIPSTICK3254785-20Oil Dipstick5265134FTUBE, OIL GAUGE
5265023FDIPSTICK3326078-20Oil Dipstick5258898FTUBE, OIL GAUGE
5270760FDIPSTICK3328747-20Oil Dipstick5254791FTUBE, OIL GAUGE

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