Cummins oil pipe | Cummins high pressure oil pipe
Cummins oil pipe | Cummins high pressure oil pipe

Genuine Cummins quality with official Cummins packing box & available stock.

Cummins Oil Pipe

Part CategoryCummins Oil Pipe
Engine Model4BT3.9, 6BT5.9, 6CT8.3, 6LT8.9, ISDE, ISBE, ISLE, ISF, M Series, K Series, N Series, QSK, QSM

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Cummins Oil Pipe: Genuine DCEC Cummins & Available stock

Cummins Oil Pipe Quality option: Genuine Cummins, OEM Cummins

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Cummins Oil Pipe Parts List

Part NamePart No.Part NamePart No.
Cummins Bracket, Oil Transfer3175257-20Cummins Oil suction tubeC3921719
Cummins Branket, Oil Suction3002351-20Cummins Oil suction tubeC3921992
Cummins Branket, Oil Suction3009727-20Cummins Oil suction tubeC3928828
Cummins Branket, Oil Suction3065707-20Cummins Oil suction tubeC3934942
Cummins Connection,Oil Suction3655112-20Cummins Oil suction tubeC3944264
Cummins Connection,Oil Suction3655216-20Cummins Oil suction tubeC3964028
Cummins CONNECTION,TUR OIL DRAIN5257527FCummins Oil suction tubeC3977790
Cummins Connector, Oil Transfer3629341-20Cummins Oil suction tubeC3978176
Cummins Connector, Oil Transfer3645045-20Cummins Oil suction tubeC3978180
Cummins GASKET,OIL DRAIN3934638FCummins Oil suction tubeC3978183
Cummins High-Pressure Oil PipeC3415375Cummins Oil suction tubeC3978189
Cummins High-Pressure Oil PipeC3415376Cummins Oil suction tubeC4942685
Cummins High-Pressure Oil PipeC3415439Cummins Oil suction tubeC4959963
Cummins High-Pressure Oil PipeC3415639Cummins Oil suction tubeC4975184
Cummins High-Pressure Oil PipeC3925324Cummins Tube, Lub Oil Supply(left)3175772-20
Cummins High-Pressure Oil PipeC3960867Cummins Tube, Lub Oil Supply(right)3175775-20
Cummins High-Pressure Oil PipeC3964141Cummins Tube, Lub Oil Transfer205298-20
Cummins High-Pressure Oil PipeC3964144Cummins Tube, Lub Oil Transfer3811993-20
Cummins High-Pressure Oil PipeC3966996Cummins Tube, Lub Oil Transfer3882346-20
Cummins High-Pressure Oil PipeC3967853Cummins Tube, Lub Suction3011048-20
Cummins High-Pressure Oil PipeC3973458Cummins Tube, Lub Suction3011049-20
Cummins High-Pressure Oil PipeC3976433Cummins Tube, Oil Drain3014670-20
Cummins High-Pressure Oil PipeC3976434Cummins Tube, Oil Drain3022821-20
Cummins High-Pressure Oil PipeC3978031Cummins Tube, Oil Drain3037660-20
Cummins High-Pressure Oil PipeC3978032Cummins Tube, Oil Drain3251015-20
Cummins High-Pressure Oil PipeC3978034Cummins Tube, Oil Suction3024392-20
Cummins High-Pressure Oil PipeC3978036Cummins Tube, Oil Suction3070759-20
Cummins High-Pressure Oil PipeC3978244Cummins Tube, Oil Suction3175658-20
Cummins High-Pressure Oil PipeC4934023Cummins Tube, Oil Suction3328583-20
Cummins High-Pressure Oil PipeC4934129Cummins Tube, Oil Suction4913533-20
Cummins High-Pressure Oil PipeC4982686Cummins Tube, Oil Suction4913728-20
Cummins High-Pressure Oil PipeD3924421Cummins Tube, Oil Suction4914097-20
Cummins High-Pressure Oil PipeD3975042Cummins Tube, Oil SuctionAD20031 MS-20
Cummins High-Pressure Oil PipeD3978031Cummins Tube,Oil Transfer3026705-20
Cummins High-Pressure Oil PipeD3978032Cummins Tube,Oil Transfer3058373-20
Cummins High-Pressure Oil PipeD3978034Cummins Tube,Tur Oil Supply3200273-20
Cummins High-Pressure Oil PipeD3978036Cummins Tube,Tur Oil Supply4094811-20
Cummins High-Pressure Oil PipeD3978244Cummins Tube,Tur Oil Supply3044929-20
Cummins High-Pressure Oil PipeL00148Cummins Tube,Tur Oil Supply3076164-20
Cummins High-Pressure Oil PipeL00149Cummins Tube,Tur Oil Supply3165609-20
Cummins High-Pressure Oil PipeL00191Cummins Tube,Tur Oil Supply3328643-20
Cummins High-Pressure Oil PipeL00192Cummins Tube,Tur Oil Supply3394591-20
Cummins High-Pressure Oil PipeL00303Cummins Tube,Tur Oil Supply3632334-20
Cummins High-Pressure Oil PipeL00304Cummins Tube,Tur Oil Supply3632339-20
Cummins High-Pressure Oil PipeL00342Cummins Tube,Tur Oil Supply3899508-20
Cummins High-Pressure Oil PipeL00343Cummins Tube,Tur Oil Supply4060758-20
Cummins High-Pressure Oil PipeL00356Cummins Tube,Tur Oil Supply4061038-20
Cummins High-Pressure Oil PipeL00528Cummins Tube,Tur Oil Supply4090517-20
Cummins High-Pressure Oil PipeL00529Cummins Tube,Tur Oil Supply4913979-20
Cummins High-Pressure Oil Pipe ASSYC3415414Cummins Tube,Tur Oil Supply4914181-20
Cummins High-Pressure Oil Pipe ASSYC3415440Cummins Tube,Tur Oil Supply4914197-20
Cummins High-Pressure Oil Pipe ASSYC3930354Cummins Tube,Tur Oil Supply4914206-20
Cummins High-Pressure Oil Pipe ASSYC3960419Cummins Tube,Tur Oil Supply4914213-20
Cummins High-Pressure Oil Pipe ASSYC3960464Cummins Tube,Tur Oil Supply4914428-20
Cummins High-Pressure Oil Pipe ASSYC3960465Cummins Tube,Tur Oil Supply4914582-20
Cummins High-Pressure Oil Pipe ASSYC3974346Cummins Tube,Tur Oil Supply3200178-20
Cummins High-Pressure Oil Pipe ASSYC3974347Cummins Oil Return Pipe3974546
Cummins High-Pressure Oil Pipe ASSYC4929779Cummins Oil Return Pipe5255744
Cummins High-Pressure Oil Pipe ASSYC4931029Cummins Oil Return PipeA3960004
Cummins High-Pressure Oil Pipe ASSYC4931699Cummins Oil Return PipeC3960393
Cummins High-Pressure Oil Pipe ASSYC4931723Cummins Oil Return PipeC3960393
Cummins High-Pressure Oil Pipe ASSYC4932502Cummins Oil Return PipeC5258273
Cummins High-Pressure Oil Pipe ASSYC4934470Cummins Oil Return PipeC4991578
Cummins High-Pressure Oil Pipe ASSYC4982695Cummins oil suction tube3912228
Cummins High-Pressure Oil Pipe ASSYC4983775Cummins oil suction tube3944264
Cummins High-Pressure Oil Pipe ASSYC4988286Cummins oil suction tube3957514
Cummins High-Pressure Oil Pipe ASSYC4991550Cummins oil suction tube3978180
Cummins High-Pressure Oil Pipe ASSYC4991551Cummins oil suction tube3978189
Cummins High-Pressure Oil Pipe ASSYL00289Cummins oil suction tubeC3934942
Cummins High-Pressure Oil Pipe ASSYL00290Cummins oil suction tubeA3960074
Cummins HOSE,FLEXIBLE5260415FCummins oil suction tubeC3905206
Cummins Manifold, Oil3082557-20Cummins oil suction tubeC3287755
Cummins Manifold, Oil3084620-20Cummins oil suction tubeC3905206
Cummins Manifold, Oil3084621-20Cummins oil suction tubeC3905223
Cummins Manifold, Oil3084622-20Cummins oil suction tubeC3910787
Cummins Manifold, Oil3899910-20Cummins oil suction tubeC3920795
Cummins Manifold, Oil4922486-20Cummins oil supply tubeC4975037
Cummins Oil Bypass Tube3049691-20

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