Cummins Injector | Genuine Cummins Engine Injector
Cummins Injector | Genuine Cummins Engine Injector

Genuine Cummins quality with official Cummins packing box & available stock.

Cummins Injector

Part CategoryCummins Injector
Quality/ BrandCummins
Engine Model4BT3.9, 6BT5.9, 6CT8.3, 6LT8.9, ISDE, ISBE, ISLE, ISF, M Series, K Series, N Series, QSK, QSM

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Cummins Injector: Genuine DCEC Cummins & Available stock

Cummins Injector Quality option: Genuine Cummins, OEM Cummins

Tags: Cummins Injector, DCEC/CCEC Injector, Injector




Cummins Injector Parts List

Part NamePart No.Part NamePart No.Part NamePart No.
Cummins CCEC Injector3016676-20Cummins CCEC Injector4914452-20Cummins Fuel InjectorL00135
Cummins CCEC Injector3022197-20Cummins CCEC Injector4914453-20Cummins Injector2872289
Cummins CCEC Injector3022197-25Cummins CCEC Injector4914458-20Cummins Injector3908513
Cummins CCEC Injector3022197-28Cummins CCEC Injector4914505-20Cummins Injector3931262
Cummins CCEC Injector3047991-20Cummins CCEC Injector4914537-20Cummins Injector3973059
Cummins CCEC Injector3052255-20Cummins CCEC Injector4914554-20Cummins Injector3973060
Cummins CCEC Injector3052255-28Cummins CCEC Injector4914555-20Cummins Injector3977689
Cummins CCEC Injector3053124-20Cummins CCEC Injector4915382-28Cummins Injector4940096
Cummins CCEC Injector3053124-28Cummins CCEC Injector4999492-28Cummins Injector4945381
Cummins CCEC Injector3053126-20Cummins CCEC Injector4964171Cummins Injector8PK1815
Cummins CCEC Injector3053126-25Cummins Fuel InjectorC3283160Cummins InjectorC4994274
Cummins CCEC Injector3054216-20Cummins Fuel InjectorC3355015Cummins InjectorC4996429
Cummins CCEC Injector3054218-20Cummins Fuel InjectorC3908507Cummins InjectorC5261630
Cummins CCEC Injector3054219-28Cummins Fuel InjectorC3919602Cummins InjectorC5264270
Cummins CCEC Injector3054220-20Cummins Fuel InjectorC3928384Cummins InjectorC5264744
Cummins CCEC Injector3054220-28Cummins Fuel InjectorC3965145Cummins InjectorC5265842
Cummins CCEC Injector3054228-20Cummins Fuel InjectorC3975929Cummins InjectorC5268408
Cummins CCEC Injector3054231-20Cummins Fuel InjectorC4937512Cummins InjectorC5268998
Cummins CCEC Injector3054233-20Cummins Fuel InjectorC4940640Cummins InjectorC5268999
Cummins CCEC Injector3054233-28Cummins Fuel InjectorC4942359Cummins InjectorC5272937
Cummins CCEC Injector3071497-20Cummins Fuel InjectorC4943468Cummins InjectorD2830957
Cummins CCEC Injector3071497-28Cummins Fuel InjectorC4948364Cummins InjectorD2872544
Cummins CCEC Injector3076132-20Cummins Fuel InjectorC4948366Cummins InjectorD2897414
Cummins CCEC Injector3076703-20Cummins Fuel InjectorC4981007Cummins Injector3076130
Cummins CCEC Injector3076703-28Cummins Fuel InjectorC4988755Cummins ISF2.85258744F
Cummins CCEC Injector3077715-20Cummins Fuel InjectorC4990547Cummins ISF3.85283275F
Cummins CCEC Injector3077715-28Cummins Fuel InjectorC4991296Cummins ISF3.85264272F
Cummins CCEC Injector3077760-20Cummins Fuel InjectorD3919602Fuel Injector ASSYC4930225
Cummins CCEC Injector3087587-20Cummins Fuel InjectorD3928228Fuel Injector ASSYC4991280
Cummins CCEC Injector3087587-25Cummins Fuel InjectorD3928387Fuel Injector ASSYC4991297
Cummins CCEC Injector3087648-20Cummins Fuel InjectorD3930525Fuel Injector with Gasket ASSYA3283562
Cummins CCEC Injector3095773-20Cummins Fuel InjectorD3976372Fuel Injector with Gasket ASSYA3355015
Cummins CCEC Injector3095773-28Cummins Fuel InjectorD3977081Fuel Injector with Gasket ASSYA3356587
Cummins CCEC Injector3406604-20Cummins Fuel InjectorD4934742Fuel Injector with Gasket ASSYA3919339
Cummins CCEC Injector3411821-20Cummins Fuel InjectorD4937064Fuel Injector with Gasket ASSYA3919347
Cummins CCEC Injector4296423-28Cummins Fuel InjectorD4937065Fuel Injector with Gasket ASSYA3919350
Cummins CCEC Injector4913770-20Cummins Fuel InjectorD4940640Fuel Injector with Gasket ASSYA3960766
Cummins CCEC Injector4914177-20Cummins Fuel InjectorD4942359Fuel Injector with Gasket ASSYC4928990
Cummins CCEC Injector4914308-20Cummins Fuel InjectorD4988835Fuel Injector with Gasket ASSYC4940187
Cummins CCEC Injector4914325-20Cummins Fuel InjectorD4994541Fuel Injector with Gasket ASSYC4940785
Cummins CCEC Injector4914328-20Cummins Fuel InjectorL00133Fuel Injector with Gasket ASSYC4940786

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