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Fuel Injector Assembly

Genuine Cummins Fuel Injector, Cummins Injector Assembly

Part No.Part NamePart No.Part Name
3013725NTA855 Injector-PTD3076702Cummins K19/K38/K50 Injector-STC
3016675Cummins K Injector-PTD3076703Cummins K19/K38/K50 Injector-STC
3016676K19/K38 Injector-PTD3076704Cummins K19/K38/K50 Injector-STC
3018223Cummins Injector3077714Cummins K19/K38/K50 Injector-STC
3018352NT855 Injector-TOP STOP Overhead limit type3077715Cummins K19/K38/K50 Injector-STC
3018566NTA855-PTD Standard3077760Cummins K19/K38/K50 Injector-STC
3018568NTA855-PTD Standard3079946NTA855 Injector-STC
3018816NTA855-PTD Standard3079947Cummins Injector STC
3018833NTA855-PTD Standard3087587Cummins K19/K38/K50 Injector-STC
3018854Cummins Injector3087648M11 Injector-STC
3022197Cummins K19/K38/K50 Injector-PTD3095773Cummins K19/K38/K50 Injector-STC
3046281NT855-TOP STOP Overhead limit type3096538M11 Injector-STC
3046315Cummins Injector3279661NTA855 Injector
3047968NT855-TOP STOP Overhead limit type3279664NTA855 Injector
3047973Cummins Injector3349860Cummins Injector STC
3047976NT855-TOP STOP Overhead limit type3349861Cummins K19/K38/K50 Injector-STC
3047991NT855-PTD Standard3406604M11 Injector-STC
3047992Cummins Injector3411821M11 Injector-STC
3052255Cummins K19/K38/K50 Injector-PTD3609849Cummins Injector STC
3053124Cummins K19/K38/K50 Injector-PTD3609962Cummins K19/K38/K50 Injector-STC
3053126Cummins K19/K38/K50 Injector-PTD3609968Cummins Injector STC
3054071Cummins Injector3627922Cummins Injector STC
3054216N-PTD Standard4296423Cummins K19/K38/K50 Injector-STC
3054217N-PTD Standard4912080Cummins K19/K38/K50 Injector-STC
3054218N-PTD Standard4913770NT855 Injector-STC
3054219Cummins Injector4914177NT855 Injector-TOP STOP Overhead limit type
3054220NTA855-PTD Standard4914228NT855 Injector-TOP STOP Overhead limit type
3054226Cummins Injector4914308NT855 Injector, With closed oil inlet valve
3054228NT855-TOP STOP Overhead limit type4914325NT855 Injector-TOP, With closed oil inlet valve
3054231NT855-TOP STOP Overhead limit type4914328NT855 Injector-STC, With closed oil inlet valve
3054233NT855-TOP STOP Overhead limit type4914452N, With closed oil inlet valve
3054254NT855-PTD Standard4914453NT855 Injector-STC, With closed oil inlet valve
3054255Cummins NTA855 Injector4914458M11 Injector-STC, With closed oil inlet valve
3068825Injector STC4914505NT855 Injector, With closed oil inlet valve
3071492NTA855 Injector-STC4914537NT855 Injector, With closed oil inlet valve
3071494NTA855 Injector-STC4914555M11 Injector-STC
3071497NTA855 Injector-STC4915382Nt855 Injector-STC, With closed oil inlet valve
3076132Cummins K19/K38/K50 Injector-STC4999492Cummins Injector STC
3076134Cummins K19/K38/K50 Injector-STC3076130Cummins K19/K38/K50 Injector-STC
3076700Cummins Injector STC3054211NTA855 Injector-PTD Standard

Yuchai engine Injectors, Yuchai Fuel Pump Injector

Part No.Part NamePart No.Part Name
4.5E + 08G1600-1111A00 Bosch common-rail pipe4.5E + 08FGG00-1112100 Bosch pump Injector
4.5E + 08FG200-1112100 Bosch pump Injector4.5E + 08FG200-1112100 Bosch pump Injector
4.5E + 08F9R00-1112100 Bosch pump Injector4.5E + 08S5000-1112100 Bosch pump Injector
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