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Cummins Combine PowerChina Assist Ecuador with Electricity Power Development

Nov. 2017, the top leaders of China and Ecuador attended the completion ceremony of the Sinclair hydropower station.

While two country heads press the button together, the largest hydropower station currently built overseas by China, has been fully completed the power generation and officially put into production.

Cummins Combine PowerChina Assist Ecuador for Sinclair hydropower station

Total capacity of hydropower stations is 1.5 million kilowatts, the largest hydropower station in Ecuador, with 8.8 billion kw/h as annual generating capacity. After its completion, it will meet one third of Ecuador’s population’s electricity demand.

Cummins C2250 D5 Genset

“Cummins Power” appeared in this national project by POWERCHINA RESOURCES LIMITED. (“PowerChina”), with 9 units Cummins Power C2250 D5 genset and DMC parallel control cabinet.

The C2250 D5 genset is powered by QSK60 Cummins Engine that is specially designed for harsh environments, equipped with excellent control system with parallel functions to ensure efficient and fast parallel operation.

Cummins C2250 D5 Genset with QSK60

Ecuador is known for its abundant mountains and water resources, but in a state of  electricity shortage due to lack of available development. Most challenging part of the project: field construction without electricity available, entirely rely on genset power generation, high requirements for power sudden increase or reduction due to frequent changing load.

The project takes 6 years, which fully proved high reliability of “Cummins Power” QSK60 Genset, excellent stability and transient performance of the entire system, and all those brings important guarantee for successful project completion.

DMC parallel control cabinet

The final operation of Sinclair hydropower station will reverse Ecuadorian power supply dependence on import situation. Prior to this, Ecuador suffered from electricity supply shortage and more than 1 billion US dollars’ electricity import.
Meanwhile, this is one of the major oversea contract projects by Cummins, which certainly will enhance Ecuadorian disaster prevention, disaster resilience and its public infrastructure level.

Cummins QSK60 for C2250-D5 Genset