When repair Cummins ISF engine, often bothered by not complete maintenance kit, some parts missing, or finally find it’s totally genuine cummins parts after hard collection?

In order to help customers solve these problems, Cummins lanch a variety of ISF engine maintenance kits, taking full account of the engine maintenance needs, product distribution characteristics and customer operation habits, which mainly contains gasket and six piston sets for your purchase.

ISF Engine maintenance kits details

Kit TypeKit No.Engine ModelParts DescriptionRemarks



Engine Gasket

F-KCAU ISF 2.8 GLAISF 2.8ISF 2.8 overhaul Gasket kit
F-KCAU ISF 3.8 GLCISF 2.8ISF 3.8 Simplified Gasket kit
F-KCAU ISF 3.8 GLBISF 2.8ISF 3.8 overhaul Gasket kit




Six Piston Sets

F-KCAU ISF 2.8 OHAISF 2.8ISF 2.8 six   piston setsTypical ESN: 89546270


ISF 2.8ISF 2.8 six   piston setsTypical ESN: 89592607, main bearing is different with F-KCAU ISF 2.8 OHA



ISF 2.8

ISF 2.8 six   piston setsDiffer with F-KCAU ISF 2.8 OHB main bearing, match for new crankshaft engine
F-KCAU ISF 3.8 OHAISF 3.8ISF 2.8 six   piston sets


ISF Engine Maintenance kit & Package, as below:

Cummins ISF Engine Gasket
       Cummins ISF Engine Gasket
Cummins ISF2.8-3.8 Six Piston Sets
     Cummins ISF2.8-3.8 Piston Sets

Cummins ISF2.8 Overhaul kit

Cummins ISF3.8 gasket kits
    Cummins ISF2.8/3.8 Gasket kits

Cummins anti-counterfeit labels

Cummins anti-counterfeit label

Cummins genuine product label, Five advanced anti-counterfeiting technology, Powerful security features