Cummins turbocharger parts | Genuine Cummins turbocharger parts
Cummins turbocharger parts | Genuine Cummins turbocharger parts

Genuine Cummins quality with official Cummins packing box & available stock.

Cummins Turbocharger Parts

Part CategoryCummins Turbocharger Parts
Engine Model4BT3.9, 6BT5.9, 6CT8.3, 6LT8.9, ISDE, ISBE, ISLE, ISF, M Series, K Series, N Series, QSK, QSM

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Cummins Turbocharger Parts: Genuine DCEC Cummins & Available stock

Cummins Turbocharger Parts Quality option: Genuine Cummins, OEM Cummins

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Cummins Turbocharger Parts - Parts List

Part NamePart No.Part NamePart No.
Cummins CONNECTION,TUR OIL DRAIN4994822FCummins Turbocharger Oil Return TubeA3960750
Cummins CONNECTION,TUR OIL DRAIN4994821FCummins Turbocharger Oil Return TubeC2873984
Cummins GASKET,TURBOCHARGER3819900FCummins Turbocharger Oil Return TubeC3287570
Cummins GASKET,TURBOCHARGER3932475FCummins Turbocharger Oil Return TubeC3287573
Cummins HOSE,FLEXIBLE5260415FCummins Turbocharger Oil Return TubeC3287818
Cummins SUPPORT,TURBOCHARGER5269299FCummins Turbocharger Oil Return TubeC3287821
Cummins Tur Oil Drain Conection3999813Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return TubeC3415540
Cummins Turbocharger Air Intake Plug3933549Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return TubeC3415542
Cummins Turbocharger Air Intake PlugC4936567Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return TubeC3415543
Cummins Turbocharger Air Outlet PlugC4936565Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return TubeC3903744
Cummins Turbocharger BracketC4932591Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return TubeC3916348
Cummins Turbocharger Bracket3051793-20Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return TubeC3922650
Cummins Turbocharger Bracket3201392-20Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return TubeC3926842
Cummins Turbocharger Cavity PlugC4936564Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return TubeC3930263
Cummins Turbocharger CompensateC3974089Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return TubeC3930264
Cummins Turbocharger compensatorC3415344Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return TubeC3931827
Cummins Turbocharger compensatorC3415345Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return TubeC3931973
Cummins Turbocharger compensatorC3415457Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return TubeC3943819
Cummins Turbocharger compensatorC3913952Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return TubeC3943820
Cummins Turbocharger compensatorC3921981Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return TubeC3943828
Cummins Turbocharger compensatorC3924006Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return TubeC3945108
Cummins Turbocharger compensatorC3974089Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return TubeC3967320
Cummins Turbocharger compensatorC3975964Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return TubeC3975061
Cummins Turbocharger compensatorC3977240Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return TubeC3977614
Cummins Turbocharger compensatorC3999916Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return TubeC3977615
Cummins Turbocharger compensatorC4928901Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return TubeC3977616
Cummins Turbocharger compensatorC4930838Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return TubeC3977617
Cummins Turbocharger compensatorC4934863Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return TubeC4093743
Cummins Turbocharger compensatorC4940388Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return TubeC4932365
Cummins Turbocharger compensatorC4948565Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return TubeC4932490
Cummins Turbocharger compensatorC4983776Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return TubeC4933650
Cummins Turbocharger compensatorC5261654Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return TubeC4934471
Cummins Turbocharger compensatorL00118Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return TubeC4938207
Cummins Turbocharger Coupling tubeZ3900006Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return TubeC4938498
Cummins Turbocharger Cover3002138-20Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return TubeC4939979
Cummins Turbocharger ExhaustC3937327Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return TubeC4948381
Cummins Turbocharger ExHaust3655604-20Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return TubeC4948382
Cummins Turbocharger Exhaust Connecting BendC3286575Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return TubeC4948383
Cummins Turbocharger Exhaust ElbowC3977622Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return TubeC4982476
Cummins Turbocharger Gasket3819900Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return TubeC4988339
Cummins Turbocharger Gasket3932475Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return TubeC4988425
Cummins Turbocharger GasketA3901356Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return TubeC4999764
Cummins Turbocharger GasketA3960442Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return TubeC5255217
Cummins Turbocharger GasketC3755843Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return TubeC5270272
Cummins Turbocharger GasketC3901356Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return TubeZ3900004
Cummins Turbocharger GasketC3911941Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return TubeZ3900027
Cummins Turbocharger GasketC3919369Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return TubeZ3900042
Cummins Turbocharger GasketC3932475Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return TubeZ3900239
Cummins Turbocharger GasketC4947182Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return TubeZ3900409
Cummins Turbocharger GasketC4960130Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return TubeZ3900434
Cummins Turbocharger GasketC4999869Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return TubeZ3900453
Cummins Turbocharger GasketD3911941Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return Tube3044929-20
Cummins Turbocharger Gasket206576-20Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return Tube3076164-20
Cummins Turbocharger Gasket3069177-20Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return Tube3165609-20
Cummins Turbocharger Gasket3072919-20Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return Tube3200178-20
Cummins Turbocharger Gasket3178988-20Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return Tube3328643-20
Cummins Turbocharger Gasket3899343-20Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return Tube3394591-20
Cummins Turbocharger Gasket4914451-20Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return Tube3630591-20
Cummins Turbocharger heat shield3003697-20Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return Tube3630592-20
Cummins Turbocharger Inlet TubeL00095Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return Tube3632334-20
Cummins Turbocharger Oil ReturnC3285747Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return Tube3632339-20
Cummins Turbocharger Oil ReturnC3934638Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return Tube3899508-20
Cummins Turbocharger Oil ReturnD3942725Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return Tube4060758-20
Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return Tube3287573Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return Tube4061038-20
Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return Tube3287818Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return Tube4090517-20
Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return Tube3287821Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return Tube4094811-20
Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return Tube3934085Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return Tube4913979-20
Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return Tube3943820Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return Tube4914181-20
Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return Tube3943828Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return Tube4914197-20
Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return Tube3945108Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return Tube4914206-20
Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return Tube3967320Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return Tube4914213-20
Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return Tube3968921Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return Tube4914428-20
Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return Tube4938498Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return Tube4914582-20
Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return TubeA3903744Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return Tube BracketC3415554
Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return TubeA3918579Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return Tube GasketC3819900
Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return TubeA3918583Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return Tube Pipe ClampC3415555
Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return TubeA3960057Cummins Turbocharger Oil Supply Tube3200273-20
Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return TubeA3960481Cummins Turbocharger Outlet elbowZ3900628
Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return TubeA3960482Cummins TurbochargerAir Intake PlugC4892558
Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return TubeA3960716Turbocharger compensator connection pipeC4991990
Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return TubeA3960733Turbocharger compensator connection pipeC4992320
Cummins Turbocharger Oil Return TubeA3960734

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