Cummins Alternator | Genuine Cummins engine alternator
Cummins Alternator | Genuine Cummins engine alternator

Genuine Cummins quality with official Cummins packing box & available stock.

Cummins Alternator

Part CategoryCummins Alternator
Engine Model4BT3.9, 6BT5.9, 6CT8.3, 6LT8.9, ISDE, ISBE, ISLE, ISF, M Series, K Series, N Series, QSK, QSM

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Cummins Alternator: Genuine DCEC Cummins & Available stock

Cummins Alternator Quality option: Genuine Cummins, OEM Cummins

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Cummins Alternator Parts List

Part NamePart No.Part NamePart No.
4BT Alternator1900951Cummins ISDeC4935821
4BT Alternator3972730Cummins ISDeC4990546
6BT AlternatorC3415536Cummins ISDeC5253001
6BT AlternatorC3016627Cummins ISDe Alternator4063625
6BT Alternator3284392Cummins ISDe Alternator4892320
6CT AlternatorC3282431Cummins ISDe AlternatorC4984043
6CT AlternatorC3415691Cummins ISF2.8 Alternator4938607
6CT AlternatorC3415351Cummins ISF2.8 Alternator5266781
CCEC Alternator4060811Cummins ISF2.8 Alternator5272666
CCEC Alternator4936876Cummins ISF3.8 Alternator3352840
CCEC Alternator3935527Cummins ISF3.8 Alternator4990783
CCEC ISM/QSM114974306Cummins ISF3.8 Alternator5263830
CCEC ISM/QSM114974577Cummins ISLe AlternatorC4946255
CCEC ISM/QSM115282841Cummins ISLe AlternatorJF2718
Cummins 4BTC3979372Cummins ISM/QSM114973876
Cummins 4BTC3979568Cummins ISM/QSM114974074
Cummins 4BTC4938300Cummins ISM/QSM114974095
Cummins 6BT3282554Cummins ISZ3686047
Cummins 6BTC3910924Cummins ISZ3972732
Cummins 6CTC3415564Cummins ISZ Alternator2874453
Cummins 6CTC3415587Cummins ISZ AlternatorJFZ2818
Cummins 6CTC3415609Cummins ISZ Alternator3056492
Cummins 6CT AlternatorC4930794Cummins KT19 Alternator3000347
Cummins 6CT Alternator4936876Cummins KT19 Alternator3016627
Cummins 6CT Alternator4936877Cummins KT19 Alternator3072483
Cummins 6LT AlternatorC4942002Cummins KT38 Alternator2874863
Cummins 6LT AlternatorJFZ2710F4Cummins KT38 Alternator3024614
Cummins China 6BTC4988427Cummins KT38 Alternator3632009
Cummins China 6BT4988275Cummins KT38 Alternator3640732
Cummins China 6CTC3974511Cummins N8553904073
Cummins China 6CTC4937007Cummins N8553078115
Cummins China 6CTC4939018Cummins N8553935531
Cummins China AlternatorC3415637Cummins NT855 Alternator3016627
Cummins China AlternatorC3967948Cummins NT855 Alternator2874862
Cummins China AlternatorC3968274Cummins NT855 Alternator5282836
Cummins China AlternatorC3970003Cummins NT855 Alternator3972731
Cummins China AlternatorC4932319Cummins NT855 Alternator3939028
Cummins China AlternatorC5288082Cummins NT855 Alternator4936879
Cummins China AlternatorD3016627Cummins NT855 Alternator3353588
Cummins China AlternatorD3282431Cummins QSZ AlternatorC2874279
Cummins China AlternatorD3282516DCEC AlternatorC4938600
Cummins China AlternatorJFZ276DCEC AlternatorC4988377
Cummins China ISBe5259577DCEC AlternatorC4944738
Cummins China ISBeJFZ2703ADCEC Alternator4993343
Cummins China ISDe5259577DCEC AlternatorC3972529
Cummins China ISDeC5262960DCEC Alternator3972735
Cummins China ISF2.85262499DCEC Alternator3935530
Cummins China ISF2.85302290DCEC AlternatorC5266389
Cummins China ISF2.85318120DCEC AlternatorC5267512
Cummins China ISF2.85318121DCEC Alternator4959881
Cummins China ISF3.85272634DCEC AlternatorC3999672
Cummins China ISF3.85318117DCEC AlternatorC4933436
Cummins China KT193078116DCEC AlternatorC4934903
Cummins China KT193088320DCEC AlternatorC4936809
Cummins China KT194060834-20DCEC AlternatorC4937404
Cummins China KT384936879DCEC AlternatorC4937890
Cummins China KT384993343DCEC AlternatorC4940559
Cummins China KT385282841DCEC AlternatorC5282426
Cummins China NT8554913675DCEC AlternatorL00083
Cummins China NT8553918558DCEC AlternatorZ3900070
Cummins China NT855213298DCEC AlternatorZ3900112
Cummins ISBe4892319DCEC AlternatorZ3900284
Cummins ISBe4934604DCEC AlternatorZ3900470
Cummins ISBe4968274DCEC AlternatorZ3900520
Cummins ISBe AlternatorC3971615ISM/QSM11Alternator4000589
Cummins ISBe Alternator3964428ISM/QSM11Alternator4078701
Cummins ISBe Alternator4892318ISM/QSM11Alternator4936879

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